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biocertiX protects your confidential data at every stage of the workflow process.

Our software allows you to make a declaration of intent in a PDF document by affixing it with, among other things, your handwritten biometric electronic signature.

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Signing process

The document generated in the domain system (e.g. CRM, ERP, workflow system) is sent via API (REST or SOAP) to biocertiX.


The document in PDF format is displayed on a Samsung tablet equipped with a pressure-sensitive matrix. The user then provides a written signature using a stylus. During the signing process, biometric-graphological data (such as position, speed, acceleration of the stylus or its pressure on the matrix) are collected. The electronically collected biometric data are encrypted and stored inside the document, guaranteeing high data security.


The signed document is fed back into the field system, where it can be archived and also sent to a designated email address.


Dedicated app

The mobile app allows PDF documents to be biometrically signed on a Samsung tablet using the certified biocertiX solution, enhanced by Certum trust services (Asseco Data Systems).

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Tailored to your needs

As partners in the development of practical and modern solutions, we thoroughly research and test the needs of our customers. The smooth progress of the system implementation from the earliest stage of implementation to the final product is supervised by our specialists.

Meeting and analysis of needs

During the meeting, the client's needs, the challenges they face and the results they want to achieve through cooperation are discussed.


Selection of functionalities

Taking into account the customer's individual needs and requirements, appropriate functionalities are selected and a dedicated, pre-configured implementation package is prepared.


Solution implementation

After prior testing for usability, performance and efficiency, biocertiX is implemented and/or integrated into the customer's existing system.



Our specialists provide full support for the implementation of the solution at customers' sites, as well as post-implementation support within the framework of a warranty or Service Level Agreement (SLA) maintenance service.

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Dedicated app and reliable hardware

The biocertiX mobile app and a suitably prepared Samsung tablet with the Knox security platform are required to sign electronic documents by hand in the biocertiX system.

Integrity of solution

It ensures that the content of any PDF document signed using biocertiX is inextricably linked to the signatures affixed to it. The signature applied to the document includes a timestamp retrieved from a certified time server. The signature biometrics are stored encrypted inside the document, which can be used for graphological verification of the signatory.

Documents security

The biocertiX system is installed on the Your infrastructure. Unlike other solutions (especially cloud-based), you are assured that no document or sensitive data (including the biometrics of the signatory) leaves your internal infrastructure at any stage of the process.

Dedicated functionality for POS

The software has a 'screen pairing' function. Thanks to the synchronisation, the signed document is visible on independent devices, giving the possibility to collaborate on a single document. The synchronisation mode gives the user full control over the document signing process.

Documents editor

biocertiX also has an extensive PDF document editor. This can be used to prepare forms or document templates to be filled in and signed as part of an electronic document workflow.

Compliance with standards

ISO 15408*
ISO 32000-1:2008
ISO 19794-8


undergoing verification

Secure signing

Encryption and secure (offline) storage of the biometrics key.

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