Common Criteria

biocertiX was designed from the ground up to effectively protect user data. It successfully passed the rigorous international Common Criteria certification (ISO 15408)*, becoming one of the few solutions to offer such a high level of information security.



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We eliminate risks. biocertiX guarantees:

  • protection against unauthorised access to the system,
  • protection against modification or replacement of a document displayed for signature,
  • protection against CSRF attacks,
  • security against interception of biometric signature data,
  • security against the copying of biometric signature data between documents.
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Trusted Third Party Service

biocertiX is integrated with a unique Trusted Third Party service provided by qualified Trust Service provider Certum. BiocertiX users are guaranteed the confidentiality of their biometric data.


The authenticity and integrity of the signature is ensured by a qualified electronic seal. The collected data are of evidentiary value and can be used in the eventual verification of a handwritten signature by an authorised forensic expert.

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Manage, sign and send documents. We We will take care of their security.

Legal signature

The biometric electronic signature created with biocertiX technology is eIDAS-compliant and meets the requirements of the written form.


Data protection

Certum's qualified trust services combined with Samsung's Knox security platform translate into the highest level of data security.


Process optimisation

The software streamlines many business processes and services. It reduces costs associated with printing, sending and storing documents.

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biocertiX allows you to sign all documents, contracts, minutes or statements in PDF format by hand. It is used wherever there are strict procedures for digital document circulation and data storage.


Examples of the application of the system in practice:


Finance and banking

Uploading and storing documents on the server.

E-mailing copies of documents.

Saving on paper, printing, circulation and storage of documents.


Faster service for patients.

Obtaining immediate approvals for tests, receipt of results, etc.

Secure access to the system for authorised persons.


Signing of contracts on two independent screens.

Uploading and storing documents on a server.

Transmission of copies of documents by e-mail.

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