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Progressive digitalisation presents unquestionable benefits for business, but also real risks. The security of your data and the documents you sign is a top priority for us.


By combining modern electronic signature signaturiX by Xtension, robust Certum security systems and reliable Samsung devices, we have created an innovative product that meets the most stringent data security and signature requirements - biocertiX.

The only such effective protection for your data

You can do more with biocertiX

Thanks to advanced technology and biometrics, our software enables digital documents to be signed securely on tablets, with full legal force.

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Documents under protection

biocertiX has successfully passed the rigorous international Common Criteria certification*, becoming one of the most secure solutions available on the market. The software provides business users with a robust mobile security solution.



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Reliable tools

The biocertiX system requires a dedicated biocertiX mobile app and a suitably prepared Samsung tablet with the Knox security platform to sign digital documents by hand.

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Why biocertiX

Your company's electronic document workflow will gain new functionality


Convenient, fully digital document management and signing.
Effective protection against unauthorised access to the system.
Significant reduction in costs associated with paper-based workflows.
Security at a military level

Intelligent solutions and certified security protect critical documents at every stage of processing. biocertiX can be successfully implemented in public administration systems and military units, guaranteeing the highest level of data security.

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Intuitive operation

The process of digital document circulation and signing is easy for the user to operate. A document generated in the CRM system with a marked signature field is sent to a tablet, on which a biometric electronic signature is applied. The signed document is returned to the CRM system, where it is saved and archived.

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